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Litigation and Support Services for Attorneys

Attorneys and law firms require accurate, reliable and substantiated information to prepare a strong case and protect their clients against adverse court ruling. Here at McLaughlin Investigative Group Inc. we often use our expertise and resources to gather information for courtroom appearances to help litigators prepare their cases for trial, settlement negotiations or subrogation. Our investigation is backed with verifiable logistical support, documents and if available, audio-visual evidence.

Our detectives and investigators can prove to be invaluable for:

  • Pre-trial preparation and investigations
  • Conducting witness interviews
  • Substantiating and verifying evidence and allegations
  • Carrying out criminal history searches
  • Locating and documenting historical events critical to the case
  • Conducting background checks and court document searches
  • Going through police reports
  • Identifying and compiling evidence
  • Researching, evaluating and locating assets
  • Locating witnesses

We can also investigate the illegal use of trademarks copyrights, patents and corporate or business names to help attorneys protect their clients from the misuse of company’s brand and reputation. Aside from these we can also help you in cases involving civil, criminal and domestic investigations, intelligence gathering, death cases, jury profiling, medical malpractice, computer research, forensic, locating lost heirs and undercover operations.

We have been providing these Investigative and Litigation services both globally and locally in the greater Boston Massachusetts area, as well as southern New Hampshire and Rhode Island.