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The importance of hiring Professional Private Investigators

In the UK, more than 100 big companies and law firms are being investigated as to their involvement with “rogue” private investigators. This past week a former private investigator in the UK was arrested for allegations of computer hacking and other breached of privacy. He was the 21st person to be arrested as part of a Scotland Yard investigations.

When hiring a private investigator it is important to ask a lot questions about what information can be obtained. If the investigator you are speaking with says something like, “all information is available” than I would proceed with caution. In the US, it is true that a lot of information is available and with an experienced investigator, he or she will know where to look and gather that information in a professional and legal manner. Another good question to ask a detective, if they would be willing to testify in court to their methods and results of their investigation. Most PI’s don’t want to give up their trade secrets to their clients, which is fine and understandable. However, the PI should be willing to go into court and testify to their investigations.

Just some food for thought….

Massachusetts Private Investigator – Our Service: II

In my previous blog post I started discussing the services McLaughlin Investigative Group Inc. provides to its clients, whether they are litigators, corporate houses, big and small businesses or families worried about the activities of certain members. I talked about pre-employment screening, international investigations, insurance investigation and document verification, and asbestos defense litigation. In this post I’m going to throw some light on the remaining services we provide as an investigative group based in Andover, Massachusetts.
Litigation and Trial Preparation Services: in order to win a lawyer needs strong backup information. Thoroughly substantiated and documented facts are the backbone of your case whether you are working as a defense or plaintiff lawyer. Our investigators can do all the field work while you focus on serving your client better and preparing your case. We can interview the witnesses and verify their testimonies, we can also trace witnesses that can totally alter the direction of the trial. Basically, of you want information gathering, witness interviewing, and facts verification conducted, you can totally rely on our investigative services.

Corporate investigation: as your organization grows, so does grow the scope of financial frauds, copyright and patent infringements and of course, partnership related deceitfulness. You continuously need to protect your intellectual property rights and you have to be vigilant all the time in order to survive in the cut-throat competition where people are just waiting to pounce upon a loophole and get a piece of your pie. From surveillance to internal investigations we can get you all the information you need to keep your organization stable, secure and assist with your risk management.

Family Matters & Domestic Investigations: these are difficult assignments both for our clients and investigators because first, it can cause irreparable hurt to particular family members, and second, the investigators have to work on totally unpredictable situations and keep everything under the wraps as much as physically and technologically possible. We carry out investigations for divorce settlement, child custody, drug and physical abuse, property dispute and infidelity.

Surveillance: our state-of-the-art surveillance investigators can help prevent, detect and eliminate fraud. We help attorneys, claims investitigators and concerned family discover the facts and document them with video evidence.

Providing world-class investigative services requires grit, determination, perseverance, a knack for smelling trouble and clues, a highly trained analytical mind, physical and mental agility and last but not the least, experience. At McLaughlin Investigative Group Inc. we’ve got it all.

Asbestos Defense Litigation

At McLaughlin Investigative Group Inc. we understand the devastating effect asbestos leaves on its unsuspecting victims their families, but we firmly believe that not all of the defendants listed in these law suits belong there. In many cases these defendants are only listed in a lawsuit because they were in business during an era when asbestos was sometimes used in specific products and there only “wrong doing” is they are still in business today. Many of these business get sued with little or no proof linking their products to the plaintiff’s exposure.

We help companies defend themselves in these product liability cases by documenting the plaintiff was not exposed to their products and also by looking at alternative exposure issues.

We closely work with the law firms from around the country who specializing in asbestos defense litigation, especially in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. We gather evidence by tracking down witnesses from decades ago, researching old public documents and begin to the tedious process of investigating these claims. When an individual suffers from mesothelioma because of his or her exposure to asbestos and then files a lawsuit against the company we work with defense councils to get the facts verified. Our purpose is not to make a strong case even when the company is at fault but explore all the possibilities and facts so that a fair defense can be mounted.

We carry out thorough background checks on claimants: where they have been working, what have been their lifestyle and recreational habits, what has been their family health history, have they actually been exposed to asbestos where they’re claiming to have been exposed – basically, we specialize in developing alternative exposure in asbestos defense litigation. Along with myriad other cases we have investigated occupational asbestos exposure and help defense counsel for automobile, boiler manufacturing and joint compound-sheetrock industries.

Our team of highly experienced investigators are well-equipped to carry out sophisticated investigations. We exercise extreme sensitivity while carrying out the investigations and speaking to witnesses, while always being extremely professional in our approach.

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