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The Pre-employment Screening Process


The pre-employment screening process

The primary purpose behind our comprehensive pre-employment screening process is that it frees you of all the tensions involved with hiring the right person for your company. With job applicants approaching you from not just within your own town or city, but from other cities and countries too, it’s not only extremely expensive to hire competent personnel, it can be excruciatingly costly if the antecedents of the applicant are not verified and he or she misleads you or your hiring department as a result.

Our process of carrying out pre-employment screening

The process of carrying out pre-employment screening can be as simple and as complex as your requirement. All in all, here’s the process that we follow at McLaughlin Investigative Group Inc d/b/a EmploySecure.com:


  • Your job applicants sign the release form: If you want to conduct a pre-employment background check upon your applicants must should sign a release form that indicates they have no objection to the check. We proceed only after receiving the release form.


  • You initiate the process: After logging onto your secure account at EmploySecure.com you initiate the pre-employment screening process.


  • The screening takes place: At EmploySecure.com our client’s decide the level of background check they want to conduct on their applicants. It can be as simple as verifying a Social Security number to conducting multi county and federal criminal searches, credit and driving history reports. Our experienced researchers and investigators visit relevant places and collect the information and review it for you.


  • A detailed report is prepared: Once all the information is gathered a detailed report is prepared that you can access through your secure account at EmploySecure.com.


 If our report listed negative information on the applicant which may adversely effect the hiring decision you should provide a copy of the report to the applicant and a pre-adverse letter notifying the applicant you are about to take negative action. Also provide the applicant a copy of the FCRA Summary of Rights. Once that is completed you can send a notification of adverse action.


In case there’s a positive outcome, there’s no hurdle stopping you from hiring the applicant. In both the cases you can bask in the glory of having made the right hiring decision.

Visit our pre-employment screening website for more information www.EmploySecure.com

Massachusetts Private Investigator – Our Service: II

In my previous blog post I started discussing the services McLaughlin Investigative Group Inc. provides to its clients, whether they are litigators, corporate houses, big and small businesses or families worried about the activities of certain members. I talked about pre-employment screening, international investigations, insurance investigation and document verification, and asbestos defense litigation. In this post I’m going to throw some light on the remaining services we provide as an investigative group based in Andover, Massachusetts.
Litigation and Trial Preparation Services: in order to win a lawyer needs strong backup information. Thoroughly substantiated and documented facts are the backbone of your case whether you are working as a defense or plaintiff lawyer. Our investigators can do all the field work while you focus on serving your client better and preparing your case. We can interview the witnesses and verify their testimonies, we can also trace witnesses that can totally alter the direction of the trial. Basically, of you want information gathering, witness interviewing, and facts verification conducted, you can totally rely on our investigative services.

Corporate investigation: as your organization grows, so does grow the scope of financial frauds, copyright and patent infringements and of course, partnership related deceitfulness. You continuously need to protect your intellectual property rights and you have to be vigilant all the time in order to survive in the cut-throat competition where people are just waiting to pounce upon a loophole and get a piece of your pie. From surveillance to internal investigations we can get you all the information you need to keep your organization stable, secure and assist with your risk management.

Family Matters & Domestic Investigations: these are difficult assignments both for our clients and investigators because first, it can cause irreparable hurt to particular family members, and second, the investigators have to work on totally unpredictable situations and keep everything under the wraps as much as physically and technologically possible. We carry out investigations for divorce settlement, child custody, drug and physical abuse, property dispute and infidelity.

Surveillance: our state-of-the-art surveillance investigators can help prevent, detect and eliminate fraud. We help attorneys, claims investitigators and concerned family discover the facts and document them with video evidence.

Providing world-class investigative services requires grit, determination, perseverance, a knack for smelling trouble and clues, a highly trained analytical mind, physical and mental agility and last but not the least, experience. At McLaughlin Investigative Group Inc. we’ve got it all.

Litigation and Support Services for Attorneys

Attorneys and law firms require accurate, reliable and substantiated information to prepare a strong case and protect their clients against adverse court ruling. Here at McLaughlin Investigative Group Inc. we often use our expertise and resources to gather information for courtroom appearances to help litigators prepare their cases for trial, settlement negotiations or subrogation. Our investigation is backed with verifiable logistical support, documents and if available, audio-visual evidence.

Our detectives and investigators can prove to be invaluable for:

  • Pre-trial preparation and investigations
  • Conducting witness interviews
  • Substantiating and verifying evidence and allegations
  • Carrying out criminal history searches
  • Locating and documenting historical events critical to the case
  • Conducting background checks and court document searches
  • Going through police reports
  • Identifying and compiling evidence
  • Researching, evaluating and locating assets
  • Locating witnesses

We can also investigate the illegal use of trademarks copyrights, patents and corporate or business names to help attorneys protect their clients from the misuse of company’s brand and reputation. Aside from these we can also help you in cases involving civil, criminal and domestic investigations, intelligence gathering, death cases, jury profiling, medical malpractice, computer research, forensic, locating lost heirs and undercover operations.

We have been providing these Investigative and Litigation services both globally and locally in the greater Boston Massachusetts area, as well as southern New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

International Investigation

Our worldwide investigative experience enables us to provide you international investigation services across a wide array of categories. We work diligently to provide topnotch international investigative services in areas such as business, family law, litigation, insurance cases, pre-employment screening and background verification. Although we are located in the greater Boston Massachusetts and locally covering New Hampshire and Rhode Island, we have rendered our services in the following countries:

Albania – Republic of Albania
Angola – Republic of Angola
Antigua and Barbuda
Argentina – Argentine Republic
Armenia – Republic of Armenia
Australia – Commonwealth of Australia
Austria – Republic of Austria
Bahamas, The
Belarus – Republic of Belarus
Belgium – Kingdom of Belgium
Benin – Republic of Benin
Bermuda (UK overseas territory)
Bolivia – Republic of Bolivia
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazil – Federative Republic of Brazil
Bulgaria – Republic of Bulgaria
Cambodia – Kingdom of Cambodia
Cameroon – Republic of Cameroon
Cape Verde – Republic of Cape Verde
Central African Republic
Chad – Republic of Chad
Chile – Republic of Chile
China – People’s Republic of China
Colombia – Republic of Colombia
Comoros – Union of the Comoros
Cook Islands
Costa Rica – Republic of Costa Rica
Croatia – Republic of Croatia
Czech Republic[20]
Denmark – Kingdom of Denmark
Dominica – Commonwealth of Dominica
Dominican Republic
Ecuador – Republic of Ecuador
Egypt – Arab Republic of Egypt
El Salvador – Republic of El Salvador
Eritrea – State of Eritrea
Ethiopia – Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Fiji – Republic of the Fiji Islands
Finland – Republic of Finland
France – French Republic
Germany – Federal Republic of Germany
Ghana – Republic of Ghana
Gibraltar (UK overseas territory)
Greece – Hellenic Republic
Guam – Territory of Guam
Guatemala – Republic of Guatemala
Haiti – Republic of Haiti
Honduras – Republic of Honduras
Hong Kong
Hungary – Republic of Hungary
India – Republic of India
Indonesia – Republic of Indonesia
Ireland – Ireland
Israel – State of Israel
Italy – Italian Republic
JapanKazakhstan – Republic of Kazakhstan
Kenya – Republic of Kenya
Korea, South – Republic of Korea
Kosovo – Republic of Kosovo
Lebanon – Republic of Lebanon
Liberia – Republic of Liberia
Liechtenstein – Principality of Liechtenstein
Luxembourg – Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Malta – Republic of Malta
Mexico – United Mexican States
Moldova – Republic of Moldova
Morocco – Kingdom of Morocco
Nepal – State of Nepal
Netherlands – Kingdom of the Netherlands
Netherlands Antilles
New Zealand
Nicaragua – Republic of Nicaragua
Nigeria – Federal Republic of Nigeria
Norway – Kingdom of Norway
Panama – Republic of Panama
Paraguay – Republic of Paraguay
Peru – Republic of Peru
Poland – Republic of Poland
Portugal – Portuguese Republic
Puerto Rico
Russia – Russian Federation
Rwanda – Republic of Rwanda
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Martin
Serbia – Republic of Serbia[35]
Sierra Leone – Republic of Sierra Leone
Singapore – Republic of Singapore
South Africa – Republic of South Africa
Spain – Kingdom of Spain
Sri Lanka
Sudan – Republic of the Sudan
Sweden – Kingdom of Sweden
Switzerland – Swiss Confederation
Syria – Syrian Arab Republic
Taiwan – Republic of China
Tanzania – United Republic of Tanzania
Thailand – Kingdom of Thailand
Togo – Togolese Republic
Trinidad and Tobago
Turkey – Republic of Turkey
Turks and Caicos Islands
Uganda – Republic of Uganda
United Kingdom
United States – United States of America
Uruguay – Eastern Republic of Uruguay
Uzbekistan – Republic of Uzbekistan
Vietnam – Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Virgin Islands, British
Virgin Islands, United States
Zambia – Republic of Zambia

We have succesufully carried out Investigative cases in more then 90 countires.

In this globally connected world we can very easily go from one country to another, from one continent to another. Since it is easier to travel and communicate across countries and continents, people can easily commit frauds, present forged documents, make dubious claims, fudge evidence, change identities and carry out financial embezzlements with little or no recourse. Even if you have some legal rights on foreign jurisdictions, these rights mitigate in the absence of prior verification and screening. International investigation becomes all the more significant in such case scenarios.

The various categories under which we provide international investigation services are:

Due diligence reporting
Merger and acquisition investigation
Foreign Driver License / Document Verification and Driving Histories
Insurance claims
Intellectual Property investigations
Counterfeit and Grey market product
Case specific investigations
Background investigations on potential partners and investors

Our agents and investigators are adept at conducting international probes, surveillances and inquests.

Until next time…

International Investigation in Global Economy

At the outset of the industrial revolution people were dependent on village economies. The industrial revolution brought them to cities. Even before that the colonial expansions prompted adventurous folks to set up their enterprises on distant shores, across the oceans.
But it is only during the information technology age, the age of the Internet, when a business in say, Boston, can employ or due business with someone in Shanghai or Brazil without much fuss. You are collaborating with organizations and individuals half-way across the globe and the manpower is constantly hopping across continents for the sake of employment and new opportunities. The costs – both in terms of money and time – involved are humungous and you need to be sure that you can rely on those you are collaborating with. You need an international investigation agency that can carry out surveillance, corporate and individual due diligence, pre-employment screening, verification, and investigation exercises across the borders, on all the continents.
This is the reason why I take interest in whatever developments are taking place in the field of international investigation. In fact I’m so much involved with international investigation and screening that I’m on the board and an ambassador of the World Association of Detectives, the oldest and perhaps one of the most prestigious investigative and security associations in the world. It is an international association for private investigators and security service organizations. The association brings world-class investigative and surveillance know-how to its members and encourages them to promote and maintain the highest ethical practices in the profession of surveillance, investigation and security.
How does it help our clients at McLaughlin Investigative Group Inc.? First of all, as mentioned above it brings us to the level of international standards set by various investigative agencies throughout the world. Being one of its board members it becomes incumbent upon me to lead by example. Besides, in order to be a member of the WAD one needs to have a license, a minimum number of years of experience and a portfolio that defines an experienced and established investigative agency of repute. The association expects its members to strictly observe the principles of truth, accuracy and prudence.
Secondly, we are based in the USA. We have become the “local” investigator for our clients for all their international matters.
Our investigative, surveillance, verification, pre-employment screening, litigation and trial preparation and corporate investigation services are not limited within the confines of the United States. We run an international operation covering globe. Our investigative firm has successfully conducted investigations in over 90 countries. It doesn’t matter where your subject is placed at the moment.
I’m looking forward to attending its annual WAD conference scheduled to be held in Rio early September.