Family Matter and Domestic Investigation

Family matter and domestic investigation is a highly serious issue and we take utmost care when handling these types of investigations. But what does such investigation involve and why do you need an investigative agency to help you with such sensitve and personal matters? You may hire us or an other respected, experiance firm to investigate when you have concerns about some of the following:

In the midst of a child custody battle
Worried that your spouse is taking drugs
You suspect your spouse of infidelity
You want to conduct general surveillance
You want to verify the credentials and background of someone new you are dating
Internet dating and relationships
You are trying to obtain child support
You are involved in an inheritance litigation
You are dating someone from an Internet dating service and have no direct access to the needed information regarding your new date
There are many more reasons …

Extreme discretion is required when personal matters are involved because when you are conducting non-personal investigations such as pre-employment screening, international investigation, litigation preparation and corporate investigations it is understood that these are routine investigations and they take place irrespective of what relationships both the parties have. But family matters and domestic investigations tread on a very thin line; a little bit of carelessness or insensitivity on the part of the investigative agency can leave long-lasting psychological breaches and even break up families.

We have many years handling domestic, family matter investigations in the greater Boston, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and around the globe.

All the videos and photographs that are taken and all investigative tasks are handled with strict confidentially and they are never, ever shared with others.

Infidelity is one of the most painful experiences and it gets worse if you are not aware that your partner or spouse is cheating on you. The private investigators at McLaughlin Investigative Group understand the problems being faced and are committed to help clients with these issues by obtaining the required proof. Also, background investigations are done to check on potential partners. Many clients are concerned about confidentially. We assure our clients of handling their cases with complete confidentiality.

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